Field day and workshop at Zelivka river basin pilot sites

On 11.5.2016, a field day and workshop was organised on AQUARIUS exterimental sites, located in Zelivka river basin. After a visit of constructed wetland (CW) in Popelištná village and a tour through Kopaninský stream catchment, lectures were given in Dehtáře village hall. Jan Vymazal (CULS) clarifyied the role and efficiency of the CW for nutrients as well as for pharmaceuticals. Antonín Zajíček and Petr Fučík (VUMOP / RISWC) spoke about modern methods and water sampling devices, operating in the catchment monitoring sites. Further, the role of different runoff components in various hydrological events was stressed along with the used methods (isotopes, water temperature) and their influence on drainage and surface water quality.

The report from both events is available in this document.