Horní Beřkovice

Horní Beřkovice is a pilot locality for our research on effectiveness of PPCPs attenuation in surface water and groundwater environment. The village currently has 938 permanent residents and there is no industrial production or other sources of pollution with the exception of local farming. A psychiatric hospital with 587 beds that has been operating since 1891 is in the village. With its full service the hospital contributes with about one-third to the production of local wastewater. Municipal sewer system flows into the wastewater treatment plant from where the treated water is drained after about 800 meters into three recharge ponds, located among fields and orchards , which are surrounding the village. This is a unique example of wastewater infiltration in Czech republic, which is permitted, because there is no appropriate surface stream in the wider area of the village, where the effluent could be discharged. The monitoring system was designed to control quality of the wastewater treatment plant effluent, the infiltrating wastewater and the processes of natural attenuation in upper aquifer.

Well in Daminěves village, located downstream from the recharge ponds

Recharge pond Horní Beřkovice