VUMOP s textem Aj-1_200_bez pozadiResearch Institute for Soil and Water Conservation (RISWC; VUMOP, v.v.i. in Czech) is a public (formerly state) research organisation. RISWC was originally founded in 1954 and have devoted to a broad range of research activities in soil science, protection of water resources, land and agricultural management, geo-ecology and water quality, irrigation and land drainage issues.

RISWC also provides expert assessments, design and realization of many subject-related state, commercial or private projects and works, up to date on the national (Czech and Slovak) level. RISWC creates and maintains an unique soil GIS database for the whole area of the Czech Republic in the scale of 1:5 000, which covers all the agricultural land in the CR.

RISWC is a key institution, for proposing the delineation and management of protective zones within water supply reservoir basins of the Vltava river watershed.

RISWC operates a certified laboratory for various analyses of soil, water and plant material (incl. microbiological, biochemical, heavy metal analyses). Especially conc. the soil analyses it follows up a long thriving tradition with applications of several patents. The laboratory fulfils the management system according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and is a regular member of professional testing “International Soil-analytical Exchange” organised by University in Wageningen (WEPAL – Wageningen evaluating programmes for analytical laboratories).

RISWC provides works regarding hydrological and hydrochemical balances in small / large (tile drained) catchments, monitoring and analyses of soil and water (automatic ISCO samplers, various lysimeters, etc.), pollution and contaminants source apportionment, water supply issues of various scales, agricultural management and tile drainage concerns, proposals of land consolidation, quantification of soil degradation processes, soil and groundwater vulnerability assessment (DRASTIC, etc.) and designing related protective measures in a landscape.

RISWC follows the principles of the quality certificate EN ISO 9001:2009.



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