Work programme

The AQUARIUS work plan is divided into 4 technical and 1 dissemination work packages.


WP1: Testing the efficiency in removal of nutrients and pharmaceuticals from waste water

Objective: Testing the effectiveness of diverse alternative wastewater treatment approaches/methods and formulating their applicability for small villages/dwellings. Aspects of water quality and quantity, costs, management.


WP2: Monitoring of waste water types, surface- and groundwater pollution in the catchment sites

Objective: Reveal the true concentration/load dynamics and source of origin of the main nutrients and PPCPs. Assess the effectiveness of current treatment technologies for waste waters containing pharmaceuticals and the processes of natural attenuation of pharmaceuticals in the rock environment.


WP3: Modelling of hydrological and environmental data

Objective: Findings from WP1 and WP2 will be incorporated here to model water and nutrient balance of selected area (watershed, sub-catchment/wetland system itself or more units together).


WP4: Cost and social analyses

Objective: Assessment of all measures / changes in waste water treatments and catchment management from the view of cost / effectiveness to formulate options for (re)constructing the WWTP, wetlands and/or alterations on land use within a catchment (grassing of arable land, etc.).


WP5: Coordination, dissemination and management

Objective: Coordination and project management to ensure smooth cooperation within WP1 to WP4 and to ensure the multidisciplinary approach with maximum synergism. Development of the communication platform, dissemination of the results and deliverables.