WP5: Coordination, dissemination and management

WP5 focuses mainly on the coordination and dissemination of the project activities and dissemination of the results and deliverables

The WP5 consists from 5 tasks:

T 5.1. Consortium management and technical Coordination
T 5.2. Management of the meetings, workshops, results and coordination between the tasks and WPs
T 5.3. Communication and Dissemination Plan, web management
T 5.4. Training and social media programme to support overall project

Within this task following works will be implemented:

  • Organization of the exchange of the young researchers / Ph.D. students between the partners;
  • Organization of the trainings on the pilot sites if relevant
  • Organization of the visualisation of AQUARIUS on social media
T 5.5. European and wider international synergies and cooperation

Creation of a larger European and wider international network of organisations with common interests in uptake and implementation of the AQUARIUS technology will be sought. This will include support for development of the proposal(s) Horizon 2020 programme.

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